Zacapa Centenario-Rum-lagalanaZacapa-Centenario-Rum-lagalana
20er-Jahre-Programm-in-3-Variationen - Zwanziger Jahre Party Konzert DIVA Las Galanas20er-Jahre-Programm-in-3-Variationen - Zwanziger Jahre Party Konzert DIVA Las Galanas
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Rum-Tasting-Zigarren-seminar-Rum-Degustation Zigarrendreherin Zigarrenrollerin ZigarrenrollerRum-Tasting-Zigarren-seminar-Rum-Degustation Zigarrendreherin Zigarrenrollerin Zigarrenroller

VegaFina Nicaragua Gran ToroVegaFina Nicaragua Gran Toro
La-Galana Petit Corona Robusto Zigarren ZigarreLa-Galana Petit Corona Robusto Zigarren Zigarre
LA-GALANA-Uxue Reserva-2019-Spanischer-RotweinLA-GALANA-Uxue Reserva-2019-Spanischer-Rotwein
Private Label Zigarren - Banderole - individuell - Weihnachtsgeschenk Black Friday

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Ana Galana Annette Meisl Das Geheimnis der ZigarrenköniginAna Galana Annette Meisl Das Geheimnis der Zigarrenkönigin

FRI February 9th | 6:00 p.m

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Cigar, guitar and rum

Let yourself be enchanted by the sound of guitar , cigars and rum !

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Rum tasting

Learn everything about Cuban rum.

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Cigar seminar with rum tasting

Learn the art of cigar rolling.

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Twenties Night Divas 2

at La Galana Salon

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Twenties Evening Divas 1

in the backyard parlor

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Twenties Night Divas 3

m La Galana Salon

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Music evening with Annette and Nick
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Rum-Tasting Gutschein
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Cigar private event at La Galana

Ideal for bachelor parties, celebrations, etc.

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Private rum event at La Galana

Ideal for bachelor parties, celebrations, etc.

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Private event cigar seminar intensive

Roll like the masters! Practical craft seminar!

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Quote of the week:

When you turn 30 you smoke ring gauge 30, when you turn 50 you smoke 50.

(Cuban wisdom)

Customer reviews

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If I could describe La Galana in 3 words it would be: authentic, transparent and familiar.
A week ago we were lucky enough to be able to attend a cigar seminar (even though we missed the plane on the first attempt) to get to know the knowledge of cigar production, which in my opinion was a perfect success!
For a connoisseur, the seminar is a really great experience, where you can even roll a small cigar yourself and take it with you - it now has a special place in my humidor :)
Thank you for the nice and very warm experience and I hope to see you again soon :)

Walter Gosnik

Every cigar lover will find pleasure here. We recommend.


Great cigars

La Galana is just great. Great cigars, delicious drinks and great service! Saskia can tell you a lot of exciting things about all the products..😉

Boubacar Q

We recommend

Received a belated birthday present from my business partner on site today.
Friendly and very pleasantly competent advice from the owner. Purchased cigars extremely tasty. We recommend.


My wife and I are two enthusiastic aficionados. By chance I saw a report about La Galana on YouTube. We then immediately bought a train ticket and went to Cologne. We were both really excited about the expert advice about all the cigars and everything surrounding it. The highlight for us was tasting one of the best cigars I have smoked to date. In conjunction with a delicious Cuban rum and an excellent cocoa cigar. It was heaven on earth. After a long time of searching, we have finally found our trusted cigar dealer. We will only be shopping at Ms. Meisl's store or ordering via her online shop. Thank you very much for the heavenly time we were able to spend in your store. I would also give 10 stars straight away. We will definitely recommend them warmly.
Best regards
Christina & Siggi

Helga Lübke



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Der Zigarrenladen im Herzen von Köln - Zigarrenshop - Zigarrengeschäft - Tabakshop

The cigar shop in the heart of Cologne

La Galana

Private event in the salon

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La Galana

Rey Creagh - Patrimonio Cubano

The history

All Habanos Points always have a carefully selected Habanos range available for you and present it in an attractive form. Proper storage in a climate cabinet or a walk-in humidor with optimal humidity is a given. Habanos Point stores are primarily supplied with new products and specialties - generally only imports authorized by Habanos SA are offered there. These can be identified by the tax number 34 302 on the tax stamp and the golden 5THAvenue seal, which shows the outline of Cuba.


Davidoff of Geneva is known for the incomparable and stable quality of their cigars. This unique standard is controlled by a wide variety of factors.


La Galana ist kulinarischer Partner von (Köln

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