A world called La Galana

by Annette Meisl

Annette Meisl cigar roller cigar roller

I sit in the room I once saw before my eyes. It's called La Galana. The space. And the woman sitting there. A Galana is a woman who enjoys her life, allows herself to do what is possible and sometimes what seemed impossible until just now. At this moment she is rolling a Corona. Corona! What a monumental word in these times! What a concept and what power! Corona, the queen of the night, the patron saint of epidemics, Corona, a crown, unfortunately also a crown of death at the moment. But Corona was actually always a classic cigar format! So this Galana sits there, immerses herself in the scent of Latin American tobacco, allows herself to be carried away by the sounds of the Cuban son, played and sung by musicians who have been sitting on some cloud for a long time, the Vieja Trova Santiaguera and smokes a cigar, yes , sir, a Corona!

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