Cologne author celebrates premiere – love, sex and violin songs

by Annette Meisl
Annette Meisl

Annette Meisl became a little known in Germany when she wrote about her love life after a failed marriage in her book “Five Men for Me – A SEX experiment”. Seven years ago, the Cologne native told many talk shows why she was fed up with the monogamous life - and that it's just as okay for women as it is for men.

Meisl, who lived as a street musician in Madrid for three years, has been known in Ehrenfeld for a long time: she has been running the La Galana cigar factory on Venloer Straße for ten years.

Emancipation and femininity

La Galana, the name comes from the Spanish “el galan” – the cavalier, gentleman, lover. Annette Meisl sees herself as a noble and bon vivant who combines emancipation and femininity. In the tasting salon on Venloer Straße she performs as a singer with other musicians, organizes readings, offers rum tastings and cigar seminars.

Appointment tip for music cabaret

On Tuesday, October 1st, Annette Meisl will celebrate her premiere with her own music cabaret: Carmen 5.0 is an exploration of love, sex and men. Meisl sings self-composed songs about her own love odyssey, plays the violin and makes music with the multi-instrumentalist Geo Schaller, who accompanies her on various wind instruments and electronically. Barbara Beckmann directs.

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