Cologne native Annette Meisl is now singing about her love(s)

by Annette Meisl

express January 2, 2020

She is a full woman. Red curly mane, mostly low neckline, mini skirt and pumps. A Carmen who doesn't just play with her charms on stage.

Annette Meisl became known with the book “5 Men for Me”. The Cologne woman wrote openly about how she turned the tables after her husband cheated on her after 15 years of marriage and she had several affairs at the same time. That was seven years ago. Today she has a new passion besides love...

Annette Meisl composes, writes lyrics and sings. Of course it's about love, strong women and even stronger feelings. With her first CD “Carmen 5.0” she follows up on the book and processes stories from it.

mostly on the sofa
Lascivious and passionate. Annette Meisl is causing a sensation with her CD “Carmen 5.0.” Photo: Dario Scandura

Meisl sings chansons á la Marlene Dietrich

A lot of it is in the style of the 20s, mostly German chansons à la Marlene Dietrich. “I want to encourage women to follow their passions, live out their potential and look for happiness within themselves,” says the spirited Cologne native, who speaks dozens of languages, is at home all over the world and has her own cigar factory in Ehrenfeld (“La Galana”) operates.

She is now “happy single, but open to whatever comes.” But please neither macho nor boring. Anyone who wants to compete with a power woman like her “needs good self-confidence and has to be passionate about just living and enjoying life,” she smiles and puffs on her cigar. She treats herself to one of these a week.

Annette Meisl was honored by the music association

She enjoys this cigar after her recent honor. Annette Meisl was honored by the German Rock and Pop Music Association for the best chanson album of 2019, specifically for a setting of the Rilke poem “The Lovers”. “A producer noticed me in the recording studio and really wanted to do something with me,” she smiles. “Sometimes you just have to be lucky in life.” She seems to have it sorted at the moment.

Curious? In the fresh year of 2020, Cologne's Carmen is going on tour again (January 29th, February 28th and March 27th, Theater im Hof).

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