La Galana helps Cuba

by Annette Meisl

Silvia, my former colleague from Cuba, recently visited me. For over ten years she was a master roller in a cigar factory in Pinar del Rio, where she produced, among other things, Cohiba and Partagas. She taught me how to roll cigars when I opened my factory in Cologne in 2009. She was a strict teacher and thanks to her I can now pass on the knowledge. In the meantime, I'm training myself and there were even Cuban ladies who lived in Germany. That's life. At best, give and take.

I thought of that when she told me how badly Covid-19 has hit people in her home country, especially since there is a lack of basic necessities there. We in Europe often forget how privileged we are despite everything! Silvia now lives in her homeland for most of the year and is often approached by neighbors and acquaintances. “Did you bring some medicine with you?” There was a lack of ibuprofen, aspirin, thermometers, masks and medicine for the scabies that keep breaking out.

So I thought, let's do some collecting! I spoke to a few regular customers and was amazed when kilos of medication were delivered to us over the next few days. Silvia couldn't believe it! Tim, one of our customers, was asked by the staff at the pharmacy why he bought so much and he briefly explained the background. The man behind him in line then said: “Good thing, I’ll join in” and put 20 euros on the table!

How nice that you can do good even with small means.

Silvia has now arrived in Pinar del Rio, where she was once born in a tobacco field! And she went around the whole neighborhood and handed out the medicine. Attached you will find videos and photos.

I wish you all a great weekend,

Your Annette

Annette Meisl

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