La Galana Petit Toro and the adventure

by Annette Meisl

La Galana Petit Toro and the adventure La Galana Petit Toro

La Galana Petit Toro and the adventure is meant positively. Because with this “little bull” you can spin wonderfully adventurous thoughts. Wonderful, simply wonderful. Do you already know La Galana? The life artist and positive person Annette Meisl is the creator of a cigar world that the world needs. In her cigar salon La Galana in Cologne you enter a completely different world. The world of relaxation. Your brain is venting so much that it's almost perverse. There is one more thing: In the “Conclusion” chapter is the show Cigars ZEN with Annette Meisl. Watch the show, you will be amazed by Annette.


A cigar test is subjective

A notice: How you like a cigar is influenced by your personal taste preferences, taste memories, what you were like on the day, and what you ate or drank beforehand. Even the lighting mood in the room has an influence on the taste experienced. The notes described here do not necessarily correspond to your own impressions.

La Galana Petit Toro
Here we go!

Fact Sheet La Galana Petit Toro

  • Format: Petit Toro (length: 115 mm / ring size: 54)
  • Tobacco:
    • Cover: Honduras
    • Binder: Honduras
    • Filler: Honduras
  • Price: Status April 2021
    • CHF 8.10 / box of 25 CHF 186.30
    • EUR 7.00 / BUNDLE OF 25 OR BOX EUR 175.00
  • Buy a cigar:
La Galana Petit Toro
We drive through the adventure world of La Galana in Cologne. What a cigar parlor!

Personal impressions of enjoyment

First half

  • Tongue, palate: very slightly sweet / lots of cocoa, bittersweet / pleasantly sour / wood
  • Retronasal : Lots of roasted aromas of strongly burning light wood
  • R+ ZiZo vacuum technology: HELLOOOO!!!!! Full range of roasted aromas of espresso beans. Holy cow!!
  • Umami: juicy / smooth / roasty
  • Strength 2/5

Second half

  • Strength 2/5
La Galana Petit Toro
Long filler from Honduras. Premium quality perfectly mixed.

What is “retronasal”?

Retronasal cigar enjoyment increases the taste. What it is and why it works and how to do it please read here . Above all, look at the ZiZo vacuum technology. Incredible increase in cigar enjoyment!

La Galana Petit Toro
The little fat one. That's what you could call this cigar. Or even me. But I'm losing weight rapidly at the moment. Diet change. Finally.

What is the “R+ ZiZo vacuum technology”?

This is the ultimate enjoyment of a cigar. Difficult to describe. I'll try it. Here is an example: A baby sucks on a pacifier. Try this technique with a cigar. Very little smoke gets into your mouth. But this one goes over the tongue and goes straight through the nose. I tried it on about 10 cigars before I mastered it. Please be very careful when practicing this technique: the smoke reached the back of my larynx several times. That was really bad. But now that I can do it, it's a perfect technique for enjoying a cigar.

La Galana Petit Toro
Sweet, bittersweet, sour and retronasally full range of roasted aromas of wood and espresso beans! The cigar still remains mild.

What is Umami?

This means “tasty”, “spicy”, “essence”, “meaty”. This mixing of taste sensations is perceived in the middle of the tongue. You can find a good article about it on Wikipedia .

La Galana Petit Toro
Rolled really well!

Non Cuba cigars and the important acclimatization

Recommendation for acclimatization: With cellophane for 3 days in the humidor.

The fact is: You don't know when the cigar was imported and how long it rested with the importer. You also don't know how long the rest period was at the dealer. The cigars have a shock after being transported from the tropics to us in Europe. You have to acclimatize first. The industry is sales-oriented. The cigars have to reach retailers quickly. Therefore, they may not taste the way they should.

La Galana Petit Toro
The ash is compact and stable.

If you buy individual copies

Place the cigar with the cellophane in the humidor. If your cigar doesn't have cellophane: Place it in tubes and then in the humidor. Or you can put the individual copies in a Zippo bag and put a small Boveda in it. You then put it closed in the humidor. Cigars that are stored open without cellophane or a box lose their flavor very quickly. This is proven with experiments in this article .

La Galana Petit Toro
At some point she falls. But it holds up really well.

Conclusion La Galana Petit Toro and the cigar Zen

I don't like light cigars. They taste too monotonous for me. Things are different at La Galana. The tobacco from Honduras is excellent. The mix for this little bull is very successful. The balance between sweetness, bittersweet and some acidity is very balanced. The roasted aromas that you can taste in the middle of the tongue and also when you enjoy this cigar retronasally are a real treat for me.

Little fat guy, that's what you could call the cigar (or me, but I'm losing weight wonderfully at the moment...).

La Galana Petit Toro
The adventure with La Galana continues. You definitely have to visit the cigar salon in Cologne as soon as COVID-19 allows it again. You can currently enjoy La Galana cigars at home.

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