La Galana reportage in the cigar magazine

by Annette Meisl

It's hot off the press in front of me, the cigar magazine, October/November 2021 issue. The photos make my memory fly. How many trips have taken me to Latin America, always following in the footsteps of tobacco! My first contact with this “master plant,” as the indigenous peoples of Latin America call it, was in Cuba, where I smoked the very first cigar of my life. The tobacco rush carried me away just as it did Columbus' sailors when he first landed in the Caribbean in 1492 and discovered the strange herb for the Europeans. Tobacco took me on its broad wings and took me to different countries. Not only to Cuba and Isla Dominicana, but also to Colombia and via Panama to Nicaragua and later Honduras, where I still have my own puros made to this day. I worked in a wide variety of factories and learned the secrets of the art of rolling tobacco. The article gives a small impression of a story that would actually fill a whole, thick book... If you want to know more, just come and visit me in my La Galana cigar salon, I'll be happy to tell you...

Annette Meisl

Link to the report in the Cigar Magazine (PDF)

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