Favorite cigarillo Cohiba Short and its secret

by Annette Meisl

In winter, aficionados and cigar lovers like to look for smaller formats.

So why not grab a cigarillo when the weather is freezing cold? Especially when it is made from the finest cigar tobaccos. Do you know who had the idea? Heinrich Villiger, the grand seigneur of Cuban cigars in Germany, revealed this to me in an interview I conducted on behalf of Zigarren.Zone in 2018. He had discovered that the sand leaves, i.e. those leaves that grow very close to the ground, were not used in cigar production because they were simply too small. He therefore suggested to his Cuban business partners that they use these leaves to make cigarillos. The first ones were actually created in Germany, because Villiger, whose company is now run by the third generation in Germany and Switzerland, had the necessary machines. That was in the eighties.

Of course, production has now been done entirely in Cuba for a long time, but the idea, the small seed that precedes every big project, actually came from Waldshut-Tiengen.

I like to think back to that interview. Heinrich Villiger is an impressive personality and has lots of exciting things to say!

And now I light a Cohiba Short, a cigarillo that is as short as a Mini, as thick as a Purito, as aromatic as a Habanos. A real super mini cigarillo that our La Galana customers like to buy and is available in our cigar shop at Venloerstrasse 213, in Cologne, as well as in our online shop! https://lagalana.de

Annette Meisl

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