Melancholic songs about love

by Annette Meisl

Melancholic songs about love

Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger, Uli Kreikebaum, December 10, 2019

“Carmen 5.0” – debut CD with chansons by Annette Meisl

She wants to be great, wants to win, never lies, it should rain red roses for her: When you listen to Annette Meisl's CD “Carmen 5.0”, a comparison with Hildegard Knef comes to mind. Meisl's voice is brighter and - even though she owns a cigar factory - not as marked by smoke and alcohol, but the lyrics are similarly melancholic and profound. Like Knef, Meisl tells stories of longing. Seven years ago, the woman from Ehrenfeld achieved a surprise success with her book “The Experiment – ​​My Life with Five Men” - she includes her sad and funny, grotesque and very normal experiences with men in her texts. She sings most of the chansons, which incorporate jazz, tango, pop and bossa nova elements, in German; the globetrotter, who lived in Spain for a long time, occasionally switches to Spanish and French.

The fact that the emotional journey through her life, which she recently brought to the stage as a music cabaret in Cologne and Colombia, is musically successful is also due to producer Geo Schaller, who played numerous instruments, as well as guitarist Rudi Rumstajn and double bass player Constantin Herzog. The CD is available in Meisl's cigar salon La Galana , Venloer Straße 213, in her manufacturer's online shop and soon also in large mail order stores. (uk)

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