Fantastic review for La Galana Torpedo in Cigar Magazine

by Annette Meisl

Our La Galana Torpedo Clásica receives praise from the highest quarters! The noble cigar magazine from Karlsruhe gave us a fantastic 94 points! Of course we are very happy about that. The Torpedo is also a fine format. It ends in a point and can therefore be cut in different ways. Make the cut a little deeper and the opening will be larger. Tip: first cut off the top and enlarge the opening every third of the smoke or even more often. This way you can fully enjoy the chocolaty note, which blends perfectly with wood and blackberry. You are welcome to try our chocolate cigar, which is cut into small pieces and sniffed for smoking pleasure. A complete pleasure! The La Galana Torpedo lasts between 40 and 70 minutes depending on the speed of the smoke. We wish you a happy smoking experience.

Cigar magazine

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