Chocolate cigars at Habanos Champion

by Annette Meisl

Our loyal customer Andreas Hilmer recently took part in the Habanos Champion competition, essentially the HWC Germany. He wrote us the following:

"For the pairing of a cigar and a drink and other accompaniments, I had 3 H. Upmann Half-Coronas and a chocolate cigar from La Galana with me. For the drink, I used the local espresso in a very unconventional way.

So the title of Habanos Champion, which I successfully defended, is two-thirds thanks to you, as I got the H. Upmann and the chocolate cigars from you."

I feel very honored to have contributed my tiny little bit to this victory!

Thank you, dear Andreas! And continue to enjoy smoking!

All love,

Annette & the La Galana team

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