Holiday photos with La Galana

by Annette Meisl

La Galana holiday pictures - La Galana cigar factory and salon

This summer I launched a call: looking for holiday photos with LA GALANA!

And you reacted! The motifs fluttered in from all over the world. From Singapore and California, from Andalusia and the Eifel, from Cologne and Düsseldorf. You were photographed drinking coffee and hiking, with and without sunset, in and next to the pool. We have selected the most beautiful ones for you and summarized them on their own page.

You can see the holiday pictures here.

We would be happy to expand the site, so keep sending as many photos as your heart desires!

Enjoy the rest of the summer and treat yourself to a LA GALANA regularly!

I wish you all a great weekend,

Your Annette

Annette Meisl

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