by Annette Meisl

Over a hundred years have passed since the Roaring Twenties raged.

In Berlin people danced "on the volcano", loved frivolously, wrote poetry, sang and dreamed of utopias.

We remember two extraordinary women from this period: Marlène Dietrich and Gala Dalí , who developed a charisma that continues to this day and to which people all over the world still succumb. Women who had intelligence, beauty, artistic understanding and radiance that still inspires us today.

We, that is the Russian pianist Natascha Fehling and I, Annette Meisl , singer, author and world inventor. Unforgotten songs by Marlène Dietrich, such as Lili Marleen, Can Love Be a Sin, Just Don't Cry for Love and many more, complement each other with cheeky popular hits like He's called Waldemar or The Hysterical Goat and romantic French chansons like La Vie en Rose to create an overall picture a bygone era that we are returning to today.

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