Anwer Bati

Petit Corona: A good, short cigar - especially for beginners

If you want to smoke a good, short cigar, the La Galana Petit Corona is a good recommendation (especially for beginners). It has a medium-strong taste and has an excellent structure for a small cigar. It burns and draws very well, and the pursuit of an uncomplicated but aromatic smoke couldn't be more consistent or flavorful.

Corona: A very satisfying cigar that is rare to find

The La Galana Corona is a very good example of this very popular cigar format, which promises the smoker a medium to full-bodied enjoyment. The taste is thanks to the tobacco leaves, some of which come from Nicaragua and some from Honduras. The combination of these leaves and the excellent rolling quality of the La Galana Corona allows the smoker to experience a full cigar taste with an excellent burn and draw. The tobacco leaves are mild and slightly sweet, and the aroma is pleasantly spicy. A very satisfying cigar that is rare to find.

Robusto: Classic cigar with an exemplary structure and excellent draw

A little thinner than the classic Robusto, the La Galana Robusto creates a powerful and expressive smoking pleasure that you would expect from such a size, but at the same time you can also taste an unusual subtlety of taste and sophistication. The La Galana Robusto is a classic cigar with an exemplary structure and excellent draw and burning quality. (The structure is responsible for the draw and the wrapper for the burning quality) It is typically full-bodied (Robustos are without exception either medium to full or full-bodied) and it has a fine, slight spiciness. The pleasant sweetness comes from the quality of the Colorado Maduro wrapper, which has a relatively high sugar content. This cigar is a very enjoyable, relaxing cigar.

Torpedo: Very good, fulfilling smoking pleasure

Even though many brands no longer offer this format, the torpedo has come back into fashion. The almost imperceptible mix of medium to full-bodied (more medium than full-bodied) of the handmade La Galana Torpedo is an outstanding example of this format type. It provides a very good, fulfilling smoking pleasure.