Tasting Matthias Martens: Rich, full-flavored cigar, Cuba alternative for experienced smokers

Origin : La Galana cigar manufacturer, Cologne
Format: torpedo
Length: 155mm
Ring size: 52
Cover sheet: Capa Criolla
Binder: Banda
Inlay: Viso/Seco/Ligero
Tobacco origin: Nicaragua Jalapa Tal / Criollo & Corojo grown from Cuban seed
Strength: medium strength – expressive
Smoking time: almost an hour
Individual prices: €7.80
Cover color: Colorado to Colorado maduro
Texture: Finely veined, like polished wood
Processing: Very good, noticeably tightly rolled
Cigar, cold
Aroma: Light, pleasant scent of bark and leather
Impression: Very nice cigar, well made and very well rolled
Cigar, burning
Aroma: Autumnal woodsy
Taste: Dark wood tones, bitter hints
Sustainability : Quite present early on
Train: Very good, nice resistance
Shape: Straight
Ash: Compact, slightly “tattered”
Ash color: Black and white grained
Ash consistency: Fine-grained
Smoke progression
First third: Few soft aromas, quickly deep and spicy aromas, unfortunately little sweetness. Temperature comes slowly. Lots of smoke with decent resistance
Second third: The aromas “thaw”, the temperature brings leather, licorice and black nuts. Cigar remains strong but more balanced.
Third third: Still very nicely balanced, while the power increases linearly. Quite smokeable, the farewell is clear
and finally…
Drink recommendation: Ripe, powerful Chardonnay, old port wine
Situation: Ideally after a good dinner on the terrace in summer
Overall impression: Had problems in the first third, then really great. Rich, full-flavored cigar in a classic format.
Cuba alternative for experienced smokers.

Tasting Anwer Bati: Very good, fulfilling smoking pleasure

Even though many brands no longer offer this format, the torpedo has come back into fashion. The almost imperceptible mix of medium to full-bodied (more medium than full-bodied) of the handmade La Galana Torpedo is an outstanding example of this format type. It provides a very good, fulfilling smoking pleasure.