Tasting Matthias Martens: At the top of its game in terms of taste!

Origin: La Galana cigar manufacturer, Cologne
Format: Churchill
Length: 178mm
Ring size: 49 (19.5mm)
Tobacco origin: Nicaragua
Smoking time: Almost 1 hour
Cover color: Dark Colorado
Texture: soft, slightly oily wrapper, visible veins
Processing: very good
Cigar, cold
Aroma: spicy, a little greasy, appetizing
cold draft: dark wood and cocoa on the palate
Impression: very attractive
Cigar, burning
Aroma: Arrived quickly in the room
Taste: more masculine, spicy-earthy-balanced
Sustainability: present reverberation on the palate
Train: slight resistance
Shape: almost straight
Shape of the cone: very compact cylinder
Ash color: Light gray
Ash consistency: solid, sandy
Smoke progression
First third: The new edition of the La Galana is not only visually convincing but also shines with a new cigar ring and is now also available in beautiful little wooden boxes containing three copies. The early, spicy and present taste is somewhat reminiscent of Cuban cigars, and is softer and more restrained than the cigars of the earlier batches. Earthy, slightly bittersweet and woody.
Second third: In the second third the smoke stabilizes with a very good draw. Slow temperature development typical of Churchill, beautiful ash appearance and pleasant in the hand. Slight increase in – almost oriental – spiciness. Earthy notes form the sensory center, flanked by some bitterness and nutty aromas.
Third third: The long last third marches behind the cigar ring, with a firm step without outbursts or quarrels. The taste remains catchy and pleases more and more. The temperature rises and the cigar becomes really juicy. Spicy and spiciness on the tongue force you to put it down late.
And finally…
Drink recommendation: Madeira, old port or molasses rum
Situation: Late afternoon in the sun
Overall impression: It's at the top of its game when it comes to taste!