Tasting Matthias Martens: Great, spicy challenge for recreational smokers who know what they are doing

Origin: La Galana cigar manufacturer, Cologne
Format: Robusto
Length: 124mm
Ring size: 50
Tobacco origin: Nicaragua Jalapa Tal / Criollo & Corojo grown from Cuban seed
Smoking time: half an hour
Cover color: Colorado maduro
Texture: light veins, valuable
Processing: very good, pleasantly tightly rolled
Cigar, cold
Aroma: light scent, forest and tobacco
Impression: well rolled, nice cigar
Cigar, burning
Aroma: ancient, woodsy, wide
Taste: slightly bitter, somewhat burnt
Sustainability: “there” from the start
Train: good pulling resistance
Shape: minimal skew firing
Ash: compact
Ash color: light gray with black
Ash consistency: fine-grained
Smoke progression
First third: A lot of smoke with a good draw naturally also means a lot of impressions that are less at home on the fragile, elegant side than on the masculine, rough side.
Second third: the large ring gauge can need temperature, the corners round off. Cigar presents itself more balanced.
Third third: Robusto finale with “bum”, power and nicotine, but still easy to smoke.
And finally…
Drink recommendation: Brandy de Jerez, Solera Gran Reserva
Situation: in the evening, in peace with a book and a brandy
Overall impression: You have to like the initial impetuousness. Overall, a great, spicy challenge for recreational smokers who know what they are doing.

Tasting Anwer Bati: Classic cigar with an exemplary structure and excellent draw

A little thinner than the classic Robusto, the La Galana Robusto creates a powerful and expressive smoking experience that one would expect from such a size. However, at the same time you can taste an unusual subtlety of taste and sophistication. The La Galana Robusto is a classic cigar with an exemplary structure and excellent draw and burning quality. (The structure is responsible for the draw and the wrapper for the burning quality) It is typically full-bodied (Robustos are without exception either medium to full or full-bodied) and it has a fine, slight spiciness. The pleasant sweetness comes from the quality of the Colorado Maduro wrapper, which has a relatively high sugar content. This cigar is a very enjoyable, relaxing cigar.