Tastings Matthias Martens: Classic half-hour wine with flavor

Origin: La Galana cigar factory
Format: corona
Length: 142mm
Ring size: 42
Tobacco origin: Nicaragua and Honduras Jalapa Tal / Criollo & Corojo grown from the finest seeds
Smoking time: half an hour
Cover color: Colorado to Colorado maduro
Texture: Veins, but nice, slightly oily
Processing: tightly rolled, slight thickening
Cigar, cold
Aroma: deep tobacco note, undergrowth
Impression: classic
Cigar, burning
Aroma: immediately present
Taste: fine bitter, little sweet
Sustainability: long reverberation
Train: good pulling resistance
Shape: slight wave
Ash: compact, slightly offset cone
Ash color: light gray, darker inside
Ash consistency: fine-grained
Smoke progression
First third: The classic moderate ring gauge delivers a surprising amount of smoke. The first puff is too bitter, as the temperature increases, sweetness emerges and helps.
Second third: Quickly much more balanced, but still on the juicy side. Now have fun with coffee and cognac.
Third third: Still easy to smoke, slight tingling of spiciness on the tongue.
And finally…
Drink recommendation: Sweet coffee and deep spirits
Situation: afternoon
Overall impression: Classic half-hour with flavor. Gladly during the day if a leather armchair and a cognac are available.

Tasting Anwer Bati: A very satisfying cigar that is rarely found

The La Galana Corona is a very good example of this very popular cigar format, which promises the smoker a medium to full-bodied enjoyment. The taste is thanks to the tobacco leaves, some of which come from Nicaragua. The combination of these leaves and the excellent rolling quality allows the smoker to experience a full cigar taste with an excellent burn and draw. The tobacco leaves are mild and slightly sweet, and the aroma is pleasantly spicy. A very satisfying cigar that is rare to find.