Tastings Matthias Martens: Smoking power nap for the creative break before the final sprint

Origin: La Galana cigar manufacturer, Cologne
Format: Little Corona
Length: 119mm
Ring size: 40
Cover sheet: Honduras
Binder & insert: Honduras
Smoking time: almost half an hour
Cover color: Colorado to Colorado maduro
Texture: juicy, almost oily, good wrapper quality
Processing: sophisticatedly rolled
Cigar, cold
Aroma: Wood, cedar, forest impression: small but nice
Cigar, burning
Aroma: spreads quickly in space
Taste: delicate spice, slightly bitter, pleasant
Sustainability: quite present
Train: pleasant pulling resistance
Shape: straight
Ash: firm and stable
Ash color: light gray
Ash consistency: fine-grained
Smoke progression
First third: The short, crisp cigar is immediately present and, in addition to subtle bitterness and early spiciness, also has a slight sweetness.
Second third: The three flavors stabilize into a balanced triangle. A refreshing or sweet companion adds additional pleasure!
Third third: Finale with whistle and pepper.
And finally…
Drink recommendation: Afternoon drink, sweet tea, espresso
Situation: not too late in the day
Overall impression: Smoking “power nap” for the creative break before the final sprint.

Tasting Anwer Bati: A good, short cigar, Cuban style - especially for beginners

If you want to smoke a good, short, traditional style cigar, the La Galana Petit Corona is a good recommendation (especially for beginners). It has a medium-strong taste and has an excellent structure for a small cigar. It burns and draws very well, and the pursuit of an uncomplicated but aromatic smoke couldn't be more consistent or flavorful.