Ladies are warmly invited

LA GALANA Ladies Cigar Club

La Galana is Spanish and means gentlewoman , a woman who enjoys her life, takes what she wants and lives out her femininity. Such ladies are exactly right in our club. We want to cultivate the art of enjoying cigars together, exchange ideas about exciting topics, discover synergies and have fun together . The La Galana Ladies Club is currently being founded. So far, the individual cigar-loving ladies have only met here by chance. Now I would like to play a little fate and actively bring you together. How is our club evening going? Each participant receives a fine long-filler cigar and a typical Cuban drink. I explain to the newcomers how to cut, light and smoke a cigar. You can ask questions and find out interesting facts about this passion. The Ladies Cigar Club will initially take place in no particular order. Be there!

Participation fee: 30 euros (includes a La Galana Salon cigar, a tasting of two Cuban specialty drinks and water.)

Duration: 2.5 hours

Ladies get the following for free

La Galana Salon Petit Corona

The small, elegant entry-level cigar.


This seven-year-old rum is our bestseller and the favorite in our La Galana Lounge! Its seductive, sweet taste even impresses those who usually prefer it dry.


Sparkling water or local water

Are you in?


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