New Year's Eve

Cigars for the New Year's Eve party

New Year's Eve is just around the corner!

People around the world celebrate the last big event of the year with a variety of ceremonies and customs. The traditional, contemplative Christmas is just behind us. Now people celebrate a social event in a variety of ways, which allows for the highest levels of elegance in the form of noble balls, exquisite dance events and opulent 5-course menus, as well as rustic celebrations in the country or exuberant parties on the street with neighbors and Friends.

We are used to first-class parties, lavish celebrations, New Year's Eve celebrations in the open air and for this we travel to Singapore and Sydney, to Berlin and New York, to Kitzbühel and to St. Moritz. There will be no big, exclusive fireworks display this time, but even without firecrackers and rockets, the turn of the year is a turning point in everyone's life. We always have a look back at the previous year, this time marred by Corona but still more important than ever. There are all the good resolutions we make for the New Year. Full of hope for a year that corona will hopefully be left far behind.

It's more than comforting to know that Corona is originally a classic cigar format. A cigar is a must on New Year's Eve. The cigar is a New Year's tradition in many places, but unfortunately it is often misused as a rocket lighter. It's better to light a nice Churchill for your own smoking pleasure and rather use a Jetflame lighter to fire up the firecrackers! Consider the tobacco bouquet of a Davidoff, a Partagas or Montecristo after, combined with a fine sip Whiskey, Cuban rum or exquisite La Galana red wine .

We recommend one for your New Year's Eve party in a small family setting or with a circle of friends La Galana Corona ten box , so that everyone can read a bright future from the puffs of smoke. The Cuban Puro, the Honduran tobacco roll or the Dominican cigar will accompany you through this unique night with a good smoke.

A successful New Year's Eve lasts until the early morning, the right moment to have a nice one Cohiba , one H. Upman to light or a fine Griffins from Davidoff . The La Galana Petit Toro You can then treat yourself to breakfast! A perfect start to the New Year!

In our cigars for New Year's Eve category we offer you a wide range of special cigars . We have prepared a small selection for you to make your search for the perfect New Year's Eve cigar easier. In our category you will find samplers, special cigars and bundle goods that are ideal for larger parties or groups.

The review of the year, in combination with a good cigar and rum of the best quality, plays an important role here. A special format that recreational smokers don't treat themselves to every day is a good end to the past year: we're thinking of them here Churchill , also called Doublecorona, whose shape was named after the statesman Winston Churchill, who - as the legend goes - smoked eight of them a day!

If you need advice on finding the right cigar for your very own New Year's Eve, please give us a call.

The La Galana team wishes all cigar aficionados and cigar lovers a happy new year and a wonderful New Year 2021 full of unforgettable smoking moments!