Habanos Day at Bückeburg Castle September 2, 2023

by Annette Meisl

Habanos Day 2023 - Fifth Avenue

Habanos Day is now legendary. This time too, the organizers 5th Avenue celebrated it at the imposing Bückeburg Castle, which is owned by the family of Prince Alexander Prinz zu Schaumburg-Lippe. What a coincidence that the blue-blooded person is a cigar aficionado who can enjoy the joys of an excellent smoke! So it happened that on the eve of the official event, one hundred and sixty cigar lovers enjoyed a smoke-in in the magnificent ballroom.

Artist program for the gala evening - Habanos Day 2023

An extraordinary event! Where can you still smoke cigars these days?! On Saturday, September 2nd, the now 250 participants took part in interesting workshops on a wide variety of topics that will make any connoisseur's heart beat faster. There was a cigar rolling class with the popular scooterist Juana Ramos Guerra from Havana, moderated by Luis Mustelier. Both were guests at the La Galana Salon on their last tour and had enthusiastic participants. A spirits seminar with the incomparable specialist Jürgen Deibel, with whom I was able to take part in many international events at home and abroad in the past. Seeing each other again is fun! Speakers on the topics of sherry, accessories, tea and many more delighted the guests.

Artist program for the gala evening - Habanos Day 2023

I was particularly pleased that I received the order
Artist program for the gala evening. I have been for thirty years
Cultural organizer, artist agent and event organizer. After a long break (for some reasons that start with C.), I was happy to be able to work in my traditional profession again. The task was to create a discreet and fine stage show that should not take on protagonism over the actual main characters of the evening: the numerous
Cigar freaks who came from all over Germany. Nick von der Nahmer,
A young, highly talented jazz pianist from Munich/New York, who has brilliantly accompanied me as a singer for two years, and the cellist Steffen had put together a program especially for this evening that ranged from jazz standards to enchanting versions of Chan-Chan or Perfidia, i.e. to the Classics of Cuban song music.

Habanos Day 2023

While a projection of Cuba images that our media specialist Alberto Jesus del Valle had put together ran on the five meter wide screen, the acrobat Marta Paley also performed a breathtaking cigar box juggle on the dance floor and a sensual dance with a Romeo y Julieta Giant cigar. The presenter Henriette Frädrich led through the evening skillfully and charmingly.


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